University Book Store Husky Football Campaign

Promotional retail signage for University Book Store to promote the 2015 Husky football season at UW. Collateral for this project included posters and banners, website graphics, and employee flair. Utilizing vintage campus photography and UW’s team colors created a popular display to complement the UW gear on the sales floor.

Live Thru This

Live Thru This is a resource guide and website aimed at young people who are living independently for the first time. It details advice on looking for housing, negotiating with landlords, basic cooking skills, and even handling your first existential crisis.

CREST Magazine

CREST is a surfing magazine. Created in response to the erasure of women (especially queer women and women of color) in mainstream surf media, the publication is a celebration of all women in board sports, a critical look at the modern surf industry, and a catalyst for women to shred in and out of the water.

Fall Window Displays

These banners were designed for the front windows of University Book Store’s flagship location on the Ave. As a transitional display between the store’s back to school and holiday campaigns, the flora, fauna, and fall colors were an appropriately seasonal look.

Bartell Drugs Rebranding Case Study

This project was a case study for a rebrand of Bartell Drugs, the oldest family-owned drugstore in the United States. Harking back to the store’s original name, Bartell Owl, a new logo and a fresh color palette pays tribute to its heritage as a Seattle fixture and stands out among its national competitors.

MarketShare Informational Brochure

MarketShare is a food justice organization and incubator for food entrepreneurs from immigrant and refugee communities. This brochure, a collaborative project with Katherine Wong, serves to inform potential volunteers about the organization’s work and how they can best contribute to it.